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Transportation and logistics services
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Paragon Shipping Pte Ltd

Siang Hock Holding Pte Ltd

Tan Chong & Sons Motor Co.(S) Pte Ltd

Weinberg Logistics & Distribution Pte Ltd

Singapore Haulage Services Pte Ltd

Kim Lian Heng Marine Hardware Pte Ltd

Pang & Tan Vehicle Service Centre

GKE Freight Pte Ltd

Lita Shipping & Trading Pte Ltd

SPCO Holdings Pte Ltd

Simco Air Service Pte Ltd

E2 Consultancy

Intlas Shipping Agencies Pte Ltd

Crystalpack (S) Pte Ltd

Rica Air & Sea Service Pte Ltd

Lian Yun Transportation

TJS Services Pte Ltd

Seagull Logistics (S) Pte Ltd

Siglar Offshore Services Pte Ltd

Acme Cargo Xpress (S) Pte Ltd

Target Roda Malaysia Pte Ltd (Singapore Branch Office)

VT Logistics Services Pte Ltd

Hydroemission Corporation Pte Ltd

Intraports Marine Pte Ltd

Glander International Bunkering Pte Ltd

United Transware Pte Ltd

Nippon Express NEC Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd

Prime Car Rental & Taxi Services Pte Ltd

Meridian Port Agencies Pte Ltd

KPS Logistic Pte Ltd

Visual Works Production

Thoresen Shipping Singapore Pte Ltd

Fishermen Scuba Studio Pte Ltd

Fajar Marindo Pte Ltd

Konoike Transport & Engrg (S) Pte Ltd

CYS Automobile Services Pte Ltd

D.E. Transport & Cleaning Services

Commonwealth Surveyors Pte Ltd

Sun-gee Travel Pte Ltd

Fu Yiap Motor Trading

Po San Transport Pte Ltd

Equity Logistics Pte Ltd

Jin Quan Motor Trading

Hybrid Motors Pte Ltd

Applique Maritime Pte Ltd

Richfield Marine Agencies (S) Pte Ltd

Halexco Freight Services

Wavelink Travel Pte Ltd

Classic Auto Rental Pte Ltd

Hua Yang Enterprise Pte Ltd

Ban Hong Lee Motor Services

Korean Air Cargo

Tong Lin Tradenet Services

INA Corporation Pte Ltd

Pan Ocean Transport Pte Ltd

ANS Express International

Best Trade-net Services

ADS Line Services Pte Ltd

Soon Fong Shipping Pte Ltd

Wyn2000 Transport & Container Services Pte Ltd

GKE Metal Logistics Pte Ltd

Yiow Hin Transport & Trading Services Pte Ltd

Eng Hup Shipping Pte Ltd

FT Logistics (Asia) Pte Ltd

Jaldhi Overseas Pte Ltd

PQ Holdings Pte Ltd

3J Shipping Agencies Pte Ltd

ArtDecor Design Studio Pte Ltd

Expeditors Singapore Pte Ltd

Perfexa Resources Pte Ltd

Ocean Bond Shipping Agencies Pte Ltd

Lian Hup Transport Agency Pte Ltd

Toreach Marine Pte Ltd

Joaquim Traveland Pte Ltd

Premier Taxis Pte Ltd

Larson Logistics

International SOS Pte Ltd

Lian Aik Enterprises Pte Ltd

Alpine Credit Pte Ltd

CM Credit Pte Ltd

LLMS Logistics Pte Ltd

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