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Singapore Engineers Pte Ltd (Head Office)

Nexus Quest Pte Ltd

Regal Manpower Management Pte Ltd

NSC Executive Centre Pte Ltd

Hui & Kuah Pte Ltd

Luzon Service Pte Ltd

Tims Management Consulting

Transnet Pte Ltd

Trustford Consultants Pte Ltd

HR Centre Pte Ltd

GAC (Singapore) Pte Ltd

TBC HR Consulting (S) Pte Ltd

GMO Singapore Pte Ltd

H.A. Christie & Co.

K. C. Dat Freight Solutions Pte Ltd

Starpak Management Consultants Pte Ltd

Office Secretaries

Rewa's Pte Ltd

GoIndustry DoveBid (S) Pte Ltd

Tuan Sing Holdings Ltd Pte Ltd

Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)

FCA Pte Ltd

Dominion Associates Management Pte Ltd

Planpartners Pac

Macquarie Capital (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Spectrum Audio Visual Pte Ltd

Asian Corporate Advisors Pte Ltd

Yusarn Audrey

Tay Joo Soon & Co.

Kingsmen Projects Pte Ltd

Mohana Corporation

SPH Magazines Pte Ltd

UCO Bank

Banta Global Turnkey (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Rothschild Wealth Management (Singapore) Ltd

TQM Consultancy

Zender-Fang Associates Pte Ltd

Training Team International Pte Ltd

Rejoice Employment Services Pte Ltd

Toko Line (S) Pte Ltd

Crown Worldwide Pte Ltd

Tony Oei & Company

E2 Consultancy

Adge Pte Ltd (Searchnet Pte Ltd)

Acadian Asset Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd

August Consulting Pte Ltd

Alwyn Lim & Co.

Action Advisory Services Pte Ltd

Huntington Communications Pte Ltd

Coleads Business Consultants Pte Ltd

Honesty Employment Service Centre


Cobb Douglas Consulting Pte Ltd

Design 'n' Gifts Pte Ltd

Odds & Even Associates

Nalanda Capital Pte Ltd

Jaya Lestari Agency

Forte Employment Pte Ltd

MS Corporate Finance Pte Ltd

Huntsman (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Mainguard Security Services (S) Pte Ltd

G & A Services

Rhema Career Link

Linklaters Singapore Pte Ltd

AAM Advisory Pte Ltd

BDRC Asia Pte Ltd Pte Ltd

Schroder Investment Management (Singapore) Ltd

SUTL Corporation Pte Ltd

Experian Singapore Pte Ltd

DNV GL Singapore Pte Ltd

Toshin Development Singapore Pte Ltd

I Search Worldwide Pte Ltd

Maid-Power Pte Ltd

Chuan Lam Production

JAC Recruitment Pte Ltd ((A Member of Tazaki Group))

Sinly Management Services

ST Asset Management Ltd

Raffles Corporate Consultants Pte Ltd

Gattie-Tan Soo Jin Management Consultants Pte Ltd (GTSJ Asia)

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