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Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

Cejn Products Far East Pte Ltd

Geoinstrumentation Automation Pte Ltd

Geoapplication Engineers Pte Ltd

Rock & Lab Pte Ltd

Lloyd's Register Asia (South East Asia Area)

Fugro Global Environmental & Ocean Sciences Pte Ltd


UL International-Singapore Pte Ltd

TUV Rheinland Singapore Pte Ltd

Prima Research & Technologies Pte Ltd

Pacific Indo Services Pte Ltd

Isolab (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Agri Nutrition Asia Pte Ltd ((A member of The Zagro Asia Group))

OGSP Engineering Pte Ltd

Trans-Pacific Hydraulics Pte Ltd

Teng Zhou General Contractor Pte Ltd

Cutech Process Services Pte Ltd

Thuraya Telecommunications Company ((Singapore Branch))

Cesco Environmental Technologies Pte Ltd

Delo Industrial Adhesives (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Ken-Jo Industries Pte Ltd

Container Connections Pte Ltd

JMJ Petroleum Pte Ltd

R.C. Enterprises Pte Ltd

CordLife Group Ltd

Global Automation & Controls Pte Ltd

Tengah Engineering & Hardware Pte Ltd

Koi Marine Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Wenzel Asia Pte Ltd

Avant Instrumentation Singapore Pte. Ltd

Yoshi Trading Pte Ltd

Nippon Kaiji Kyokai Singapore Pte Ltd

Sanki Marine Singapore Pte Ltd

Tang Tuck Kim Registered Surveyor

DNV GL Singapore Pte Ltd

Chemical Laboratory (S) Pte Ltd

Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited

Vibro Technologies & Engineering Pte Ltd

SGS Testing & Control Services Singapore Pte Ltd

MW Group Pte Ltd

KES Systems & Service (1993) Pte Ltd

Healthstats International Pte Ltd

United Surveyors Pte Ltd

Ritchie & Bisset (Far East) Pte Ltd

Hoestar Inspection International Pte Ltd

Trio-Tech International Pte Ltd

Associated Geotechnical Services (Pte)Ltd

Alteco Chemical Pte Ltd

Fugro Singapore Pte Ltd

Advance SCT Limited

CCIS Singapore Pte Ltd

VS Electronics Pte Ltd

Mapei Far East Pte Ltd

Analytical Laboratories (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Achieva Technology Pte Ltd

Ming Deng Metrology Services Pte Ltd

STA Inspection Pte Ltd

Seawise Maritime Services (Pte)Ltd

Saybolt (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Seatronics Pte Ltd

Gost-Asia Pte Ltd

Ace Quality Testing And Inspection Services Pte Ltd

IKM Testing Asia Pte Ltd

A & M Engineering Pte Ltd

Riverstone Holdings Ltd

Pipeline Services Pte Ltd

Institute of Materials Research & Engineering

Corrosion & Coatings Enterprise Pte Ltd

Setsco Services Pte Ltd

Cast Laboratories Pte Ltd

Xenium Pte Ltd

Veritas Petroleum Services (Asia) Pte Ltd

Weldtech Inspection Services Pte Ltd

Fluidigm Singapore Pte Ltd

Anco Enterprise Pte Ltd

Acefund Pte Ltd

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd (Singapore Branch)

FARO Singapore Pte Ltd

A.I.M. Chemical Industries Pte Ltd

Cramoil Singapore Pte Ltd

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