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Atom Innovations Pte Ltd

CLLS Industrial Product Pte Ltd

View Sino Oil Pte Ltd

Hendor Pe Aisa Pacific Pte Ltd

SP Resources International Pte Ltd

Tekoil Trading Pte Ltd

Banyan Utilities Pte Ltd

Ace Petro Networks Singapore Pte Ltd

Vrobal Energy & Resources Pte Ltd

IVAC Pte Ltd

BHP Billiton Marketing Asia Pte Ltd

Hitema Asia

National Iranian Oil Co. Pte Ltd

Shell Integrated Gas

China Aviation Oil (S) Corporation Ltd

Liannex Corporation (S) Pte Ltd

ConocoPhillips Singapore Operations Pte Ltd

Shell Eastern Trading (Pte)Ltd

Marubeni International Petroleum (S) Pte Ltd

Henry Gas Pte Ltd

Epic Shipping (Chartering) Pte Ltd

SCM Builders Pte Ltd

Union Energy Corporation Pte Ltd

Statoil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Singapore Power Ltd

Geneco (by Seraya Energy Pte Ltd), Geneco (by Seraya Energy Pte Ltd) (Geneco (by Seraya Energy Pte Ltd))

SembCorp Power Pte Ltd

Intraco Limited

HSC Pipeline Engineering Pte Ltd

Petro Progress Pte Ltd

China Offshore Oil (S) Int'l Pte Ltd

Shell International Eastern Trading Company (Owned by Shell Eastern Trading(Pte)Ltd)

Adityaa Energy Resource Pte Ltd

Everest International Pte Ltd

SembCorp Utilities Pte Ltd

Refresh Water Trading Pte Ltd

Kangqi Oil Pte Ltd

OceanConnect Marine Private Limited

Hyflux Energy Pte Ltd

Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises Pte Ltd

Tuas Power Ltd

Abterra Ltd

Koch Refining International Pte Ltd

A & G Industrial Gas Trading Pte Ltd

Magnus Energy Group Ltd

Daxin Petroleum Pte Ltd

Adani Global Pte Ltd

Pan Marine Blasting Abrasives Pte Ltd

Unitrade Singapore Co. (Pte)Ltd

Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte)Ltd

JX Nippon Oil & Energy (Asia) Pte Ltd

Gas Supply Pte Ltd

Senoko Power Limited (A/C Dept:)

Tengah Engineering & Hardware Pte Ltd

City Gas Pte Ltd

Mega Gas Enterprise Pte Ltd

Total Trading Asia Pte Ltd (TOTAL Group of Companies)

Trafigura Pte Ltd

Chinaoil (S) International Pte Ltd

Tuas Power Supply Pte Ltd

PTT International Trading Pte Ltd

Coaltrade Services International Pte Ltd

Hin Leong Marine International (Pte)Ltd

Indomines Minerals Pte Ltd

Duferco Asia Pte Ltd

Coeclerici Asia Pte Ltd

Sembas (Asia) Trading Pte Ltd

AVRA International Pte Ltd

Toyota Tsusho Petroleum Pte Ltd

Eurasia Intercontinental Trading Pte Ltd

Agritrade International Pte Ltd

Hi-Tech (AEM) Pte Ltd

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